March 26, 2022

Advice for new parents

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Just had your first child? Congratulations and welcome to the roller coaster of many different emotions, including love, hope, fatigue, anger, frustration and pride. Yes, one day you will be proud and excited while on the other day you will feel frustrated missing your old life badly. Being a mother of two wonderful kids, I have experienced a lot. Talking to other parents and devouring into different books made me realize that some simple tips and tricks can help new parents a lot. I have gathered the best pieces of advice for new parents to make your journey a little easier and a lot more beautiful.


1: Never ignore yourself

Have you ever heard the quote? "Happy mother raises a happy child.” Well! That's true. You won't be able to take care of your baby if you don't care for yourself first. First of all, stop judging yourself. Don't feel guilty for having some extra sleep or taking some time for yourself. If you are mentally and physically fit, you will nourish your kids in a cheerful environment.

Moreover, your kids also need some space as they grow up. So, hiring a babysitter to go out with your friends sometimes or enjoying your favorite show while your kid is playing with his toys will be beneficial for both you and your baby.

2: Have Faith in yourself

Many new parents feel that they are not doing enough or compare themselves with other parents. Every parenthood journey is different. You are doing your best, and that's amazing. People have diverse views on the same topic. It's good to take the advice of elders and other parents but never put yourself in a race to be perfect. 

You will complicate things if you don't have faith in yourself. Be confident and keep shining through this magical phase of life.

3: Learn to keep the Balance

As your child grows, you will establish some ground rules, such as snack time, playtime, and screen time. I agree with the importance of setting rules, but you also need to adjust from time to time. Your baby may enjoy food one day and then reject it the next. Don't push them or yourself too hard. It is perfectly acceptable to allow them to watch their favorite show for a little longer or wear their beloved shorts to the birthday party because you don't want to be overly strict parents. Everything is normal and a necessary part of the journey. Learn to hit the proper balance between everything.

4: Enjoy little Things

Despite all the challenges, parenthood is a completely magical phase of life. Enjoy it as much as you can. Stay calm and stay positive. Play with your baby and make a strong connection with them. Watch your kid learn little things. Capture his first moments; the first time he tastes a fruit, the first time he says mama, dada, the first time he stands up or starts walking. Later on, you will look at these memorable pictures and cheer them for life. 

5: Keep Things Normal.

Most new parents become extra possessive about the nap time of their baby. They make pin drop silence so the baby won't wake up. Babies get used to what they are exposed to. If you make them asleep in complete silence. Every little noise will wake them up. It will become difficult for you to do house chores while your kid is napping with time. Keep it regular from the start. Let everyone do what they are doing and make a household noise while your baby is asleep. They will soon get used to it, and life will become much easier for you as a parent. Your baby will have a sound sleep for a longer period, and no one in the house will be obliged to maintain the silence.

6: Prepare yourself for Uncertainty.

Life after having a baby can't be the same as before, no matter how hard you try. Things can go opposite your expectations, and you need to handle them. You may be getting ready for a party, and your baby is not feeling the same, or he decides to poop right before leaving the house or even on the way. Be prepared for unexpected events at any time. Your role as parents is quite different from your role as lovers or husband and wife. Encourage each other and never miss a moment to laugh and have fun.

7: Sleep with your Baby.

"Sleep when your baby sleeps," says the golden rule of parenting.

During the first year, babies feed after shorter periods of time and wake up frequently at night to take a feed or for any other reason. Furthermore, they require your unwavering attention and care throughout the day. As a result, sleeping is difficult when your baby is awake. Setting your sleep schedule around your baby is the best way to ensure you get enough sleep. Don't pass up this prime opportunity; instead, sleep whenever your baby sleeps and thank me later.

8: Don't Feel Shy to Accept Help

Accepting help or even asking for help is never a bad idea for new parents. Babies need a lot of time, affection and attention. If you are a working parent, you can't manage it all by yourself. If anyone is willing to assist you during the first few months, accept it for the sake of your mental and physical health. Ask your mom, sisters or other relatives for help. They will be more than happy to take care of the new angel of their family. You can also hire a helper for the first few months or longer. As long as you feel like you need help, get it. 

Final Words

Regardless of how difficult or exhausting, this phase appears to be. It will pass, and you will be proud of yourself and your little angels. You will find some priceless moments during this stage and will miss them because babies grow so quickly. Just trust yourself, keep calm and enjoy the new beginnings.


Hi, I'm Nicolle! I'm a natural-minded mom, who's passionate about helping new and expecting moms, just like you, through the messiness of pregnancy, babies, and toddlerhood. Welcome to the site! I'm so happy you're here!

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