May 24, 2022

The Best Baby Bathtub of 2022

You realize the value of a decent bath for your cute little one after dealing with spit-up, diaper changes, and worse.

When it relates to maintaining your wriggly infant, you might need all the support you could get: a drenched baby can indeed be tough to hold down, particularly if she doesn't like being wet. Bathing your baby has never been easier thanks to baby bathtubs.

What is the best option? What you pick depends on your requirements, individual interests, and financial constraints.

Things to Look For in the Best Baby Bathtub

Stand-Alone vs. Tub

The sort of solution you really need your infant to bathe in will be determined by a number of variables. Assess your child's age as well as the sort of bathing facility you have available, such as a shower, kitchen sink, tub.

You may then decide if the bathroom tub will suffice and whether you'll have to purchase a separate baby tub.


Bathtubs that are stand-alone are ideal for households without a bathtub or who need to bathe a baby under the age of six months.


  • Ideal for infants and younger children (but with the proper support)  
  • Built-in non-slip material
  • It may be utilized nearly anywhere.
  • For transport and storage, a few are collapsible.


  • Some alternatives will not work in a sink.  
  • There isn't much space for toys.
  • May be rapidly outgrown
  • It may be hefty.

Numerous caregivers and parents choose to utilize a standard bathroom tub since it takes up less space while also allowing more area for bathing and playing with the baby.


  • More space for washcloths, bath toys, as well as other bath necessities 
  • Ideal for older children (6 months and up typically)
  • Filling is easier.


  • Leaning over may be taxing on the backs of parents and caregivers.  
  • A non-slip material should be installed.
  • Unsuitable for newborns


Support for infants, especially early newborns, is among the most vital aspects of the baby bathtub. Assess the age of the child, if they have adequate neck stability, and if they have the ability to sit up alone. This will assist you in determining how much assistance they will require in the tub.

If you're washing a baby, for instance, you'll want a bathtub with neck support. Support is essential for babies who are younger and cannot actually sit on their own. To suit their bodies securely, search for baby bathtubs featuring back support, neck support, or perhaps a molded form.


Baby baths are made of a variety of materials. A few are simpler to maintain than others, so take that into account. You should also consider the infant's age and whether or not you want a soft-touch bathtub.

Softness is the key feature of plush baby baths. Some are sink-compatible, while others may be used for a conventional tub. These are an excellent alternative if you're searching for a bathtub built for babies.

Mesh baths give babies of all ages a non-slip surface. Vinyl or plastic can be used instead of mesh or plush if you choose. These are simple to maintain and may be utilized almost anywhere.

Other Factors

  • Non-slip features on the bottom (inside and out) – additional points if the base has suction cups.
  • Rounded smooth edges
  • Shoulder and head support for your infant
  • Since your baby won't stay little for long, you'll need some more space.
  • If you wish to utilize the baby bathtub anywhere other than the bathroom, it's portable.
  • Tubs that are easy to empty and dry quickly. Although plastic is the fastest-drying alternative, many sink attachment baby bath benches are composed of mildew-resistant fabric or foam.
  • If area is limited, choose a soft folding or foldable insert featuring a hanger or a hook for simple storage instead of a large plastic baby tub.
  • While inflatable baby baths are great for saving room, they can topple over, placing your infant in danger.

Guidelines to Consider When Buying a Baby Bathtub


The anti-slip coating and cushioning of the baby bathtub may provide you with extra comfort and the peace of mind you deserve. Always keep an eye on your toddler or baby in the bathtub, because even an ounce of water may cause drowning.

Because infants don't have the ability to support their own heads — or the other parts of their body, for that matter — always put your hands on them. 


A baby tub may make your baby's bath time simpler for new parents, particularly during the first few weeks after delivery, because they can stand over your kitchen sink instead of sitting awkwardly on the tub side of the bathroom floor.


Before each bath, the bathroom and kitchen sinks will need to be cleansed, adding to the time of preparation.

Kinds of Bathtubs for Babies

Baby bathtubs come in a variety of forms, and the best one for you entirely depends on your child's age, where you want to wash him or her, as well as how much room you have.

Sink insert baby bath seats

These are cushion components that you put into the sink to provide a safe place for bathing your infant. The advantages are that you may bathe the baby when standing instead of crouching close to the tub in the bathroom, and they fold down for simple storage if not being used. From birth to six months, such sink attachment bath chairs are utilized.

Basin tubs

These are small tubs that stand alone. These can be utilized in the kitchen sink as well as designed specifically for your tub, based on its size. These are more spacious, and some may be used for up to two years.

Convertible tubs

These tubs develop with your kid, transitioning from a baby tub featuring a sling to a regular basin tub.

Top 5 Best Baby Bathtub

The Fisher-Price bathtub for babies develops with your kid and may be utilized in different kinds of ways, such as a sling for newborns, attachments to prevent sliding and slipping, as well as a sit-me-up brace to keep infants stable in the bathtub.

Uninstall the insert when your child is a toddler and have outgrown its seat, so he'll have more than enough area to play. For washing, this tub includes a squeeze bottle with scoop, as well as a hanger for convenient drying and storing.

It's roughly 30 inches in length and weighs roughly 5 lbs., making it a typical bathtub size for a baby.


  • Grows alongside the baby  
  • It dries quickly.
  • Slip-resistant inserts
  • Excellent quality materials
  • Perfect for newborns and promotes safety and complete protection for their heads.


  • Various components might easily be lost.

The adjustable baby bath should last you from the neonatal stage until the first year of life (or even up to 25 lbs.), all while also being reasonably priced— a true catch.

Its padded seating portions along both sides of this tub — one tilted for newborns, and the other erect for babies that are older and bigger — enables you to wash your baby more peacefully.

It includes a built-in storage compartment that can keep infant's bath-time materials and functions as a clean-water bowl, and it accommodates over solitary as well as double sinks. This inexpensive baby bathtub really has a lot of exciting features to offer.

There's also the pricing, which is far lower than many other identical baby bathtubs. In addition,   there's the feature that it's durable, works in the bathtub and most sinks in the kitchen, and comes in three various settings so it may be used from birth through toddlerhood. At its button, there is even a little built-in basin for toys and other accessories.


  • Integrated storage 
  • Adjustable
  • Padding in abundance
  • Excellent value
  • From the birth of a baby until the toddler years
  • It works in most tubs and sinks.


  • Slings may be wiggled out by babies. 
  • Because this tub doesn't really fold, although it is rather tiny, it is simply not the right choice if you are tight on room.

To say at the very least, bathing a baby may be scary. The famous Skip Hop Moby tub, however, has a cloth sling insert which provides just the proper levels of assistance for slippery and floppy newborns (as well as first-time, nervous parents).

Adjust the strap to the second position in order  to assist older infants who are starting to sit, after which remove it completely to transform the bathtub into a safe, secured, and toddler-friendly bathing area.

The tub is suitable for newborns weighing up to 25 lbs. and also has fewer pieces to work with. This sling may be worn for an infant, then wrapped into a cushioned seat for an older baby, and then discarded once your baby is able to get back up on their own.

Bath time is made more enjoyable with the addition of (optional) whale decorations. This Moby will be on the smaller side, measuring around 28 inches in length by 19 inches broad and weighing only 3 lbs..


  • Colorful 
  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Excellent infant assistance
  • Transitions well into toddlerhood.
  • Integrated hook for hanging


  • May be too small for larger babies 
  • This tub on the larger side and won’t fit in most sinks

This Summer Splish 'n Splash Newborn to Toddler Tub has a simple and practical design which supports babies to toddlers pleasantly. This is perfect for babies who love to splash around while taking a bath. So, if your baby’s a playful one and likes to move a lot, then this one is for them.

The tub offers cushioned support and reclined to sit comfortably while completely avoiding slipping as the baby develops. Toddlers will be able to play and splash in the huge space.

The practical design of this baby bathtub optimizes capacity for your developing baby and incorporates the drain plug for simpler bathing as well as cleaning. The infant bath tub is also compatible with single and double sinks, and also adult bathtubs.


  • Simple to operate  
  • The compartment is large.
  • Inexpensive
  • Contains a water drain


  • No foam so the baby may fall off its seat constantly.  
  • Lacking in design

From birth through toddlerhood, the Summer Newborn-to-Toddler Bath Center & Shower seems to be the only bathtub parents and caregivers will ever need. Bath time will be easier and more efficient for both the baby and the parent with this tub's four stages which develop with your baby.

4 stages:

  • Stage 1: A modernized plastic infant bath sling that fits comfortably in the sink.
  • Stage 2: The bath sling works in a toddler bathtub with an outdoor shower unit.
  • Stage 3: Baby tub / shower unit for developing infants
  • Stage 4: Adult tub with detachable shower element for longer usage

A comfy newborn sling transfers from the sink to the tub with this baby bathtub. A powered portable shower set delivers a soothing rinse shower that may be utilized even after your youngster has graduated to an adult bathtub.


  • It was incredibly simple to set up.
  • After months of usage, the sling has no tears or rips, and the fabric is still firm enough to provide support.
  • The infant sling eliminates the need to bathe the infant using one hand while holding the baby with another!


  • The engine is a tad on the hefty side. 
  • Baby outgrew the little mesh sling soon.


Consider the Fisher-Price 4-In-1 Sling 'n Seat Tub for a baby bathtub that would endure from birth through toddler years. This tub won our Best Overall selection because it may be utilized in a sink or a bathtub, as well as a separate shower.

Once it comes to bathing babies, they're slippery tiny things, that's why a bathtub specifically made for them is far more than a nice addition.

There are a variety of sponges, seats, and slings for your bathtub, as well as baby bathtubs that fit in your sink, to make them as secure as possible while you bathe them. We hope these suggestions and extra information helped you choose the best option for your child!


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